Who we are?

Family that preserves tradition and proudly passes it onto others!


Our family history dates back many generations passing down immeasurable treasured family values, traditions and memories, and, as respected community residents have left a lustrous time-line in Krapje’s history and commonplace activities for which we are forever proud of and maintain this custom. We too wish to carry on the time-line in Krapje’s history by appreciating and taking pleasure in the progress of our ancestors through preservation and regeneration the precious family legacy as an inseparable part of Krapje’s centuries long history. With great enthusiasm, strength of mind and religious conviction, we are prepared to sustain and promote the preservation of Krapje’s traditional and historical values as a tourism heritage attraction destination. The most anxious stage of any journey begins with the first step and with time, each step will become easier. We thank you for visiting and allowing us the pleasure of introduction and once more welcome you to our website.

How to reach us

You may reach Krapje from Popovača, Kutina or Novska in which you have main exits onto the highway.


+385 (0)91/ 566 - 4921
+385 (0)92/ 261 - 8010
+385 (0)99/ 404 - 2009

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