Take a tour through our Museum

and immerse yourself in life of one Krapje’s family from traditional history.

About museum

A traditional storey house, the property of our family was built in 1912 of red oak tree planks and its original interior keeps valuable traditional artifacts made of wood, canvas and ceramics from pass 19th to 20th century and which were used in households of our ancestors! When looking at this traditional house, you can vividly imagine the typical life of one Krapje’s family from that time. The whole collection is preserved and under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture! If you wish to see the interior of the house, take a look at the gallery.


  • Adults: 1,5 per person
  • Children 7-12: 0,5 per person
  • Group visit: 0,5 per person

How to reach us

You may reach Krapje from Popovača, Kutina or Novska in which you have main exits onto the highway.


+385 (0)91/ 566 - 4921
+385 (0)92/ 261 - 8010
+385 (0)99/ 404 - 2009

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